Eddie M.

They serve the best bacon, egg and cheese bagel sandwich... hands down. Its especially good on a whole wheat everything bagel.

Eric Schrag

NDB is not only the best bagel in Delaware, it's the best I've had south of NYC. Go get an everything with cream cheese and be happy.

Jason Begany

From Our Website
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you For 10 years ,When in Delaware, I wake up on the weekend and head for NDB. The best Breaskfast Bagel in the world. I favoror the Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Whole wheat everyting, Toasted If the boys say to, with lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Hot peppers. But Hey Its all good. We all know that... Peace, Love, End Hunger.

Jennine R

Had a rocky day last week and received the incorrect order. The owner was awesome and offered to replace the order next time I came in. I have been back several times since then. Today's order was beyond delicious! Bagel was piping hot when I left and was still hot when I got to work to eat it. Keep up the good work! Ps, I'm a bagel snob from North Jersey and hard to impress... These are good bagels!

Mike R

From Our Website
Newark Deli and Bagels definitely has the best bagels around! Great menu - plenty to choose from too!


From Our Website
I just wanted to say Thank You! I bought a dozen and a half bagels in the store on Friday morning and when I turned to leave I left my wallet on the counter and grabbed the bag of bagels. When I finally realized my wallet was missing, I had know idea where it was. I decided to call the store just to check to see if I left it. They immediately said they had it and yes they would hold it for me. More than an hour later, the employees had it right at the registers for me. It is just so nice to know that there are good and honest people in the world - Thank You!

Please Note we are closed for Saturday, July 4th. We will open on Sunday, July 5th - order your bagels now!